Vampyrum surface-to-air missile system

The Vampyrum is a highly mobile, low-altitude, short-range tactical surface-to-air missile system, armed with 4 Bat-Teeth missiles, can efficient engage mostly aircraft and Skimmer vehicles. Vapyrum have a complex radar system, include a Target Acquisition Radar, a Target Tracking Radar, a Identification Friend or Foe(IFF) Aerial, and two Fire Control Radars. All these equipment are fitted on one transport vehicle, such as Imperial Guard Chimera Chassis. Thanks the all-in-one transporter erector launcher and radar (TELAR) vehicles, the Vampyrum have the ability to independent combat, or combine with Hedgehog AA-gun, Early warning radar and Command vehicle to Tiberis Air Defense System.

This kit include a set of Vampyrum SAM system. Total 41pcs resin kits.
This set is 48$, shipping to the worldwide, if have any question you can contact me with




Vampyrum surface-to-air missile system
-BS 3 Armour Front 12 Side 10 Rear 10 HP 3
-Unit Composition: 1 Vampyrum
-Unit Type: Vehicle(Tank)
-Wargear: 4 Bat-Teeth missiles
———-Range 120, S8 AP3, Ordnance 1, Skyfire, One use only, Guided missile
———-Heavy MG
———-Smke launchers
-Special Rules:
———-Guided missile:Re-roll failed to hit, Vampyrum have 2 Fire Control Radars, so it can fire 2 Bat-Teeth missiles in one shooting phase as normal, even the Ordnance weapon, and may fire to 2 different targets if you wish.
———-Radar(Lv1): This model can be shotted by SEAD weapon. Add Level to BS when use Skyfire weapon. When shot a target with ECM(*) rule, both roll a D6 and add the Level. If Radar is higer or tie, it hit as normal, if ECM is higher, it only can make Snap Shots.
-Options:-May include up to two additional Vampyrum with 90pts/model.
———-May include up to three additional Crago-RAT Heavy Carrier with 50pts/model, every Crago-RAT have 12 additional Bat-Teeth missiles
———-Any Vampyrum may take items from the Vehicle Equipment list.
———-Any Vampyrum may replace its heavy MG with a heavy flamer with free.
-Organization: Vampyrum is a Heavy Support in IG army.

Crago-RAT Heavy Carrier
-50pts(with 12 Bat-Teeth missiles)
-BS 3 Armour Front 10 Side 10 Rear 10 HP 3
-Unit Type: Vehicle(Tank,Open-Topped,Transport)
-Options: Dozer blade(5pts) Recovery gear(5pts) Camo netting(15pts) Searchlight(1pts) Smoke Launchers(5pts)
-Transport Capacity: Twenty models.
-Special Rules:
———-Reloading: if a Vampyrum out of ammo and in contact with a Crago-RAT Heavy Carrier in start of your shooting phase, the Vampyrum can reload its Bat-Teeth missiles instead of shooting and Falt Out, and it can fire as normal in your next shooting phase.

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