Preview of Ratshilovitz Tractor and RAT ob.2014


Hi, here’s Ratgrad’s latest update. This time we’ve got a small vehicle, Ratshilovitz Tractor, derived RAT chassis. The initial design of the trackor has covered both military and civilian utilities. In peace times it can serve as an agricultural or construction vehicle. In war times it can serve as an artillery tractor in the Imperial Guard. Here on display is a standard version of Ratshilovitz Tractor as open topped towing vehicle
. The model includes an 1×1 RAT chassis,total 48 resin parts, and will be availeble for sale soon on the

Futhermore, based on feedbacks on the CargoRat, Ratgard has updated RAT chassis. The new RAT Ob.2014 chassis is much lighter and easier to assemble. It will be available for sale together with the Ratshilovitz Tractor. At that time the chassis of CargoRat will be upgraded to RAT Ob.2014 as well.

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