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Brü Review: R.A.T. des Ratgard Studios

Monday, July 7th, 2014

VIA: Brü

The RAT does the rating really not easy. The design of the model is amazing and the processing in general, despite all the problems very neat. On the other hand, the design of the chain drive of countless parts is more than confusing and the processing fails just at the point where you need clean castings, at least if you want to implement such an ambitious goal as a working folding function.

Finally, the RAT is but a really good model, which fits excellently into the human sci-fi army of a well-known English manufacturer and a safe alternative for those who might be precisely that the manufacturer can do much with the new chain transporter. $ 58 are not quite as low, but the model is made of resin, quite bulky and actually to transport in a position some models, what I see as an additional plus personally. Despite the small flaws and the partly complex assembly of the transporter gets so from me a buy recommendation. Anyone looking for a “grown-up” armored transport vehicle for his human sci-fi army is equipped with solid this model!