Cargo-R.A.T Heavy Carrier

 photo CRC000_zps60409df6.jpg

The Cargo-R.A.T Heavy Carrier is a tracked truck based on Remodulelizable All Terrain vehicle(R.A.T) platform.

The Cargo-R.A.T Heavy Carrier set include a set of Cargo and a set of 3X3 R.A.T. Total 60pcs resin kits.

This set is 58$, shipping to the worldwide, you can contact me with

 photo CRC002_zps972e9268.jpg
 photo CRC001_zps83a39f95.jpg
 photo CRC003_zps39a3a838.jpg
 photo CRC004_zpsb849d6cd.jpg
 photo CRC005_zps99cfadf1.jpg
 photo CRC006_zpsf342292f.jpg
 photo CRC007_zps36f70978.jpg
 photo CRC008_zps9e5dbec9.jpg
 photo CRC009_zps4aadb3a9.jpg
 photo CRC010_zps04dd68a7.jpg

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