Preview of Cargo-R.A.T Heavy Carrier

Remodulelizable All Terrain vehicle aka R.A.T is an universal chassis designed and produced by As its name hinted, R.A.T. is a platform of modulrized chassis with unlimited length extension capability- a foundation for an array of 28mm Sc-Fi vehicle variants. The Cargo-R.A.T Heavy Carrier is the first variant based on the R.A.T. platform.

Size with Deathstrike.

Hull Modules

1X1 R.A.T (with 1 module)

2X2 R.A.T (with 2 module)

3X3 R.A.T (with 3 module and else…

This complete kit include a set of Cargo and a set of 3X3 R.A.T. Total 60pcs resin kits. Will selling in Feb.14th in with 58$.

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