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MCT Gaming:Looking for That Extra Little Something? pt2 Ratgard

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

That blog post from MCT`s Gaming, this is an wonderful preview with RatGard kits.

You can read the fully in MCT`s Gaming

Now lets face it, the basic Chimera is one of the oldest vehicle designs still knocking around the GW range and I think Ratgards attempt to update it is great. In going with a Cold War retro theme as oppose to the traditional Great War or WWII that GW and ForgeWorld have in the past, his kits will give anyone’s army a distinct theme and would look great with a Valhallian or Vostroyan army. I just hope the kits are successful as I would love to see even more Imperial army mod kits in a Cold-War era style.

Hedgehog Anti-Aircraft Weapon System Launched

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Here we are. Today Ratgard launched the long waiting Hedgehog Anti-Aircraft Weapon System conversion kits for Imperial Guard IFV. You can order it in our store. And the Sciuridae IFV conversion kits is also re-stock.

Hedgehog Anti-Aircraft Weapon System

Friday, May 6th, 2011

The Hedgehog Anti-Aircraft Weapon System upgrade kit is the second upgrade kit produced by Ratgrad. It comes with removeble radar cover, and fixable/adjustable main gun elevation design.

This upgrade kit comes with 31 pieces of resin parts. It is 100% compatible with imperial chimera IFV’s. (Also compatible with Ratgrad’s Sciuridae upgraded IFV’s.)

This set is 48$ , shipping to the worldwide, you can contact me with